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NIGHT FLY  - Its on again with a twist!

We are braving through this covid world and going to run our summer night fly again. This time we will be incorporating a RIMFIRE component as well. Yep as if
200 metre rimfire isnt hard enough we are going to do it at night and with NO FLAGS!

Dates:  04/12/20 300m centrefire    18/12/20 200m rimfire    08/01/21 300m centrefire    22/01/21 200m rimfire.

Usual rules and cash prizes. Only change is we are going to allow sighter for rimfire nights ONLY.

For a refresher

* Range open by 5pm or so     

* unlimited warmer shots on any target till just before dark     

* five targets. 5 min each. No spotters. No sighters for CF.    

 * Target and hunting class    

* usual covid requirements. Bring exact cash and own sanitiser etc     

* $20 each night. Can only shoot one class per night. 75% of cash goes back to nightly and overall prizes.

* it is expected we all help with set up of lights and target changes etc.

We are all missing our fly shoots and could do with the practice. See you there.