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100yard Score
200yard Score
Due to the limitations of our range we cannot shoot Service rifle and have therfore devised our own competition and named it Military Rifle.

We have 3 classes of rifle,
Service Rifle - as issued to defence forces with issued sights (no sniper rifles with scopes).

Range Rifle - any military rifle with iron sights used for competition (aperture sight or peep sight).

Field Rifle - any military rifle with any sight (re-barrels and scopes allowed).

The competition is shot from the benches at 50, 100 and 200 yards. We do on occasion utilise our Field Rifle range and change the format of the competition to rapid fire and offhand.

Course of Fire 

5 rounds at 50 yards

10 rounds at 100 yards

5 rounds at 200 yards

Targets – 100yard and 200yard Centrefire Score

No sighters during the competition

Total number of round = 20 plus sighters