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Rifles and ammunition

Any centrefire rifle of less than .50 cal with any scope

Any rifle chambered for .22 LR with any scope
Each event will be divided into target and factory rifle classes
Course of Fire

Offhand Rapid Fire

With the target at 25 metres load your magazine with 3 rounds, wait for the fire command then fire the rounds in 15 seconds. With the adrenalin pumping do this another 3 times for a total of 12 rounds, we only score the best 10.

Offhand Slow Fire

With the targets at 25 metres (Rimfire) and 50 metres (Centrefire) fire 10 rounds in 10 minutes unsupported. Sound easy?, by the last round that rifle will weigh a few times more than it did when you fired the first!.

 Standing Post

With the targets at 50 metres (Rimfire) and 100 metres (Centrefire) fire 10 rounds in 10 minutes while standing and leaning against a post. Just like taking that shot in the field where you have to lean against a tree.

Sitting or Kneeling Post

With targets at 50 metres (Rimfire) and 200 metres (Centrefire) fire 10 rounds in 10 minutes while shile sitting or kneeling using the post for support if you wish.
Rimfire 25 and 50 metre target
Improve your offhand shooting skills by taking part in the Field Rifle competition. This challenging competition is shot with Rimfire and Centrefire rifles at ranges from 25 to 200 metres.