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200m Rimfire, 300 &500m Centrefire FLY
Combine the challenges of Group shooting, Score shooting with long range and you have Fly shooting.

The Fly shoot was concieved by Jim McKinley and John Rawson in Canberra at the ACT Benchrest club in1990.

There are two classes, Light Gun for rifles up to 17lbs (7.73kg) and Heavy Gun for rifles over 17lbs (7.73kg) with unlimited weight but you must be able to carry it by yourself!

Most matches consist of five (5) targets. The course of fire is five (5) scoring shots with three (3) optional sighters at a steel or paper medium suspended below the target. There is a warmer target with a time limit of ten (10) minutes and unlimited rounds. The time limit for each of the five (5) scoring targets is seven (7) minutes.

On occasion a ten (10) target match is held, the course of fire remains the same.

The 200m Rimfire and the 500m Centrefire matches are shot on the same target while the 300m match is shot on a scaled down version.

Here at Wagga we have an inclusive policy and therefore offer a third class, Hunting rifle, for those wishing to see what their favorite hunting rifle is capable of at long range.

Definition of a Factory Rifle, click HERE.

Wagga Wagga Fly shooting sponsored by POWER AMMO. 21 Copland street Wagga Wagga. Phone 02 6921 3994