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Results for Sunday 19th September.
8 competitors took part in a 200y group shoot, 4 in Target class and 4 in Factory class. Tony Gestier placed first in Target class with an aggregate of 0.630 followed by Jeff Robards with 0.727 followed closely by Harvey Robards with 0.766 and Barry Wild with 0.805. In Factory class Scott McKee was first with the best aggregate of the day with 0.614 followed by Craige McKee with 0.801, Peter McInerney in third place with 1.017 and Brent McKee with 2.388. Group of the day went to Craige McKee with a group of 0.573.
Results for Sunday 1st August
Six shooters contested the military range rifle competition on the 1st August under very cold conditions. There was quite a strong breeze blowing form the south making good scores difficult at the 200 and 300 yard targets. Scott McKee (6.5x55 Swedish Mauser) took first place honours posting a score of 166.1, followed by Terry Robinson on 157.1 and Tony Gestier (303 SMLE) taking third place with 132.1.

Results for Sunday 25th July
On a bitterly cold, wet and windy day, ten enthusiastic shooters attended the Big Springs range to test their shooting skills against the worst mother nature could dish out. Three targets were shot at 50 yards with some reasonable scores despite the weather. Two targets were then shot at 100yards with all shooters struggling with the strong and variable winds; groups under 1 inch were hard to achieve. In target rifle category, Tony Gestier excelled with an aggregate of 0.924 inches, followed by Barry Wild who struggled with the wind to post an aggregate of 1.720 inches.

In ‘factory’ class, Brent McKee won the class with a score of 0.937 inches, Jeff Robards second with 1.006 inches and David Wade in third spot with a score of 1.309 inch aggregate.

Results for Sunday 11th July
Six shooters contested the rimfire field rifle and metallic silhouette shoot on the 11th July 2021. Conditions were perfect with a bright sunny day, cold, but no wind. Wodonga shooter, Ed Petryk, took out first place with a score of 358.6 after shooting an impressive 90.3 points in the rapid fire section of the shoot. Second place went to David Wade with 356.3 points and Tony Gestier with  a score of 354.1.

A small field of shooters shot the July rimfire metallic silhouette event. Final scores were incredibly close for this event with only 5 points separating the winner and the sixth place shooter. Tony Gestier scored 23 after hitting an impressive 9 Rams. David Wade and Brent McKee came in equal second place with a score of 20, Scott McKee and Ed Petryk took equal 4th place with 19 hits. Craige McKee scored 18 silhouettes.

Results for Sunday 7th March
10 shooters contested the military shoot on a warm autumn morning. The 6.5mm Swedish mausers ruled the day as usual with Scott McKee taking first place by posting a healthy 194.4 from a possible 200, followed by Terry Robinson with 190.4 coming second on the day. David Wade keep the flag flying for the Lee Enfield 303’s to take third position with a score of 179.2. As usual, the scores were very tight until the 200yd target was shot, with many shooters struggling to score with all five rounds.