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Results for night 1 of the Night Fly
Sixteen competitors contested the first night of this years night fly competition which was shot at 300m. Nine competitors competed in custom class and seven in factory class. Custom class was won by Brett Crain with a score of 238.06 with Greg Chapman close behind on 237.05 and Barry wild in third place with 236.06. In Factory class Craige McKee has the bragging rights with a score of 236.02 from Mick Reed with 226.06 and Brent McKee on 220.05. Congratulations to Craige and Brett, they shared the $80 prize.

View the result sheet here. Get your rimfire out of the safe for the next shoot on the 18th

Results for Saturday 22nd November
Fourteen shooters contested the last club shoot for 2020; the 50yd animal shapes target. This target consists of life-sized animal shapes starting with a rat followed by a mouse, cockroach, wasp and finally the smallest a fly. The rat scored you one point and the fly five points; a headshot gave you an extra 0.1 of a point. To head shoot a fly at 50yds also gives you bragging rights.

With a maximum score of 75.25 (total of 5 targets) some of our members had nearly perfect scores. Barry Wild top scored in master’s class with 75.22, closely followed by Lilly Reed (Jnr shooter) with 75.18 and Lilly’s dad Mick Reed taking third place with 75.17

In hunting class, Craige McKee shot an impressive 75.17 to take first place, followed by Brent McKee with 71.11 and David Wade in third place with 70.6

Results for Saturday 14th November
The final Blackpowder shoot for the year was contested by 4 shooters. The weather was fine with the occasional gusts. Bruce selected a fox head and a rabbit for the 25m animal targets and the third target was the 50m precision. Frank Cohn placed first with a score of 240.2, Eddie Witt came in second with 228.1 then David Wheeler with 224 and Bruce Lonsdale with 178.

Next week we have the final event for the 2020 competition, 50y Animal Shapes.

Results for Saturday 17th October
Four competitors took part in this months Blackpowder competition. As usual the competition consisted of 3 targets, a Fox head at 25m, a Buffalo head at 25m and a 50m precision target. The conditions weren't ideal with rain and a gusting wind. First place went to Frank Cohn with a score of 252.1 followed by Bruce Lonsdale with 216 then Eddie Witt with 206.1 and David Wheeler with 149. David arrived late and only shot the Buffalo and the precision targets.

Next week is Rimfire Score, 3 targets @ 50y and 2 targets @ 100y.

Results for Saturday 10th October
Eight shooters attended the Rimfire Field Rifle and silhouette shoot on Sunday 11th October. Attendances were low compared to previous events; probably due to a warm fine spring day when lawn mowers and gardening took priority. Mick Reed took out first place in rimfire field rifle with an excellent score of 361.5 closely followed by Brett Tenison with 355.3. David Wade took third position with 329.2. Lilly Reed took out first place in the juniors with a respectable 278.1. With a bit more practise and arm strength, Lilly will be hard to beat in future events.

The same eight shooters competed in the rimfire silhouette shoot with David Wade taking first place with 23, closely followed by Mick Reed 19 and Scott McKee 18. All eight shooters posted respectable scores, with Lilly Reed taking out first place in the Junior category with a healthy 9 silhouettes which is an excellent score for a very challenging event.

Next week is Blackpowder on Saturday 17th then Centrefire 200y Score on Sunday.

Results for Sunday 27th September
Thirteen shooters competed in this months Rimfire benchrest competeition. The competition was for group and consisted of 3 targets at 50y and 2 targets at 100y. The best groups were 0.176 at 50y by Jamion Lawrence and 0.607 at 100y by David Wade, well done. The competition was tight and first place went to Barry Wild with an aggregate of 0.708 closely followed by Graham Willis with an aggregate of 0.741 and John Butts in third with an aggregate of 0.748. The minor placings were David Wade with 0.806, Jamion Lawrence 0.842, Rod Waters 0.879, Jeff Robards 0.901, Craig Robinson 1.019, Harvey Robards 1.028, John Buik 1.037, Craige McKee 1.061, Scott McKee 1.220 and Steph Papalia with 1.249.

The range is closed next for the long weekend.

Competition resumes on the Saturday the 10th of October with Lever Action and Shotgun then Rimfire Field Rifle and Metallic Silhouette on Sunday.

Results for Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th September
Saturday saw four shooters take part in this months Blackpowder competition. This was a shoot with a difference, at the suggestion of Bruce Lonsdale the competition consisted of 3 Fly targets, 25m, 50m and 100m. The target was extremely difficult to sight consistently with open sights and the scores reflect how difficult this target is to shoot. David Wheeler in first place shot very well with a score of 126.1, well ahead of Frank Cohn in second place on 85.2, Bruce Lonsdale on 83 and Eddie Witt on 68.

On Sunday nine shooters took part in this months Centrefire competition, 100y Group. There were 5 competitors in the custom class and 4 competitors in the factory class.Group of the day went to Tony Gestier with a group of 0.198. While not having the best group, consistency wins and first place in custom class went to Don Ewin with an aggregate of 0.307, Tony Gestier in second place with 0.382 and John Butts in third with 0.455 folowed by Jeff Robards with 0.486 and Harvey Robards with 0.869.
Mick Reed had the best group in factory class with 0.322, and also placed first with an aggregate of 0.461, Bruce Milne came in second with 0.510, Craig McKee with 0.582 and Scott McKee with 0.756.

Next weeks shoot is Rimfire Group, 3x50y and 2 x 100y.
Results for Saturday 15th August
Four competitors braved the cold, windy and at times, wet weather to contest this months blackpowder competition. The match consisted of a Fox head at 25m, a Crow at 25m and the 50m Precision target. The placings were, Frank Cohn first on 192, David Wheeler second on 186.1, Bruce Lonsdale third on 169 and Clayton Hogno third on 122. A good time was had by all.

Next weeks shoot is 100y Rimfire Score.

Results for Sunday 2nd August
Five shooters competed in the Military rifle competition on Sunday 2nd August. It was a ‘range rifle’ competition so peep sights were permitted. Course of fire was five shots at 100yds, 10 shots at 200yds and 5 shots at 300m. The 300m target was very trying for all shooters as the target looks very small through open/peep sights with old eyes; if you manage to land some bullets on the paper, you are having a good day. David Wade managed to snatch the lead from Peter McInerney, with 4 scoring shots on the 300m target followed up by Tony Gestier in third, John Buik in fourth and Bruce Milne in 5th position.

Next week is Lever Action on Saturday then Rimfire Field Rifle and Metallic Silhouette on Sunday.

Results for Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th July
On Saturday 3 competitors took part this months blackpowder shoot which consisted of 3 targets, 10 shots per target. The first target was a fox head @ 25m, the second was a rabbit @ 25m and the third was a 50m precision target. The placings were, David Wheeler first on 231, Clayton Hogno second on 202.1 with Bruce Lonsdale only 0.1 behind on 202.

Sunday saw 11 competitors take part in a 200y Group shoot. The shoot consists of 5 targets and 5 scoring shots per target. There are two classes for this competition, Factory (off the shelf) and Custom (target).
6 shooters contested the Factory class and 5 contested the Custom class. Factory placings were, Mick Reed first with an aggregate group size of 0.968" followed by Harvey Robards with 1.096", Chris Cowell with 1.425", Scott McKee with 1.918", Brent McKee with 2.406 and Guy Stackman with 4.466".
In Custom class the placings were, Don Ewin with a terrific aggregate group size of 0.699" followed by Barry Wild with 0.887", Rob Cheetham close behind with 0.894", John Butts with 1.051" and Jeff Robards with 1.697".

Next weeks shoot is Rimfire 100y Group, why not challenge yourself.

Results for Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th February
Saturday saw three competitors turn up for this months blackpowder shoot. We had a clear day with a variable wind.  All shooters were a bit rusty after a 3 month break but quickly got into the swing of it. Three targets were shot, a single fox head at 25m, 5 small fox heads at 25m and the precision target at 50m. 10 shots at each for a possible total of 300. The placings were, Frank Cohn first on 227, David Wheeler a close second on 221 and Eddie Witt third on 153.

Next weeks shoot is Rimfire 50y score.

Results for Sunday 1st March
8 competitors took part in this months military competition. The conditions were good, overcast and a light breeze. Most competitors shot well at 50 and 100 yards but the 200 yards sorted them out. Despite turning up just before 10:00 and having to catch up, Greg Blake placed first with a score of 190.5 with perfect scores at 50 and 100 yards. Mick Reed came in second with 184, pretty good considering he has not competed for more than a year. Bruce Milne was third with 180.3 and the minor placings were filled by Clayton Hogno 169, Don Ewin 168, Tony Gestier 166, John Buik 164 and Brett Regan 160.

Next week is Shotgun on Saturday, Field Rifle and Lever Action on Sunday.

Results for Saturday 14th March
Five competitors took part in this months Blackpowder shoot. The conditions were ideal, clear and warm with a slightly gusting wind. Course of fire was the similar to last month with two targets, Fox and Cat, at 25m and the 50m Precision target. David Wheeler placed first with 244 from 300 followed by Frank Cohn with 238, Eddie Witt on 219, Bruce Lonsdale on 196 and Clayton Hogno on 190.

Next Week on Sunday is Rimfire Fly , 3 X 100y and 2 x 200y.