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2019 Blue Heeler 500m Fly and  BeeDee Bags 300m Fly

Saturday 500m
Light Gun
1st Ken Perrin 270.03 , 2nd Peter Cross 258.02 and 3rd Les Fraser 253.08
Small Group Andy Santa with a 1.268 and High Target Ken Perrin with a 58.

Heavy Gun
1st Grant Groves with a 264.03, 2nd Matty Riches 260.05 and 3rd Ken Perrin with a 250.01.
Small Group Bob Wright 1.370 and High Target Grant Groves with a 59.01

Junior winner was Ryan Hall with a 226.02.

Overall Blue Heeler Classic winner and winner of the Maddco 6mm 1:8 30 inch barrel supplied by Pro Cal was Ken Perrin.

Custom Class
1st Bob Wright with a 289.08, 2nd Nick Aagren with a 288.07 and 3rd Matty Riches with a 285.09
Small Group Keith Dowell with a 0.870 which also took out high target with a 60.2

Factory Class
1st Matty Riches with a 262.06, 2nd Keith Dowell witha 257.04 and 3rd Les Fraser with a 250.01
Matty Riches took out Small group witha 1.089 and High target of 58.04.

Junior winner was Ryan Hall witha 236.02

Overall BeeDee Bags winner and winner of the Kreiger 6mm 1:8 30 inch barrel donated by BeeDee bags was Bob Wright.

Overall two day aggregate winners were
1st Grant Groves witha 549.09, 2nd Ken Perrin witha 548.12 and 3rd Matty Riches with a 545.14.

2 day junior champion was Ryan Hall.

The lucky door prize of 4kgs of ADI AR2208 was won by Nick Aagren.

The local volunter winner of the $100 Bunnings voucher was Carlo Zuliani.

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all who attended for your enthusiasm and sportsman like behavior over the whole event.

500m Blue Heeler Classic

300m BeeDee Bags 300m

2 Day results